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Members Choice Skill for Amazon Alexa Privacy Policy

Members Choice Credit Union Online Banking: Alexa Skill Privacy Policy

  • Description of Service. The Skill allows you to use your Alexa-enabled device (“Alexa Device”), such as an Amazon Echo to communicate with Members Choice Credit Union, by voice commands, regarding your Members Choice Credit Union deposit account or loan account (individually, an “Account” and collectively, “Accounts”).
  • Communication, Privacy and Security. The use of the Skill is voluntary. The Skill uses the public internet, third-party networks, and inside wiring in your premises to communicate, by voice with us regarding your Accounts. To use the Skill, you must speak commands and questions aloud to Alexa, and you will receive responses aloud. Your communication with Members Choice Credit Union using the Skill constitutes an authorized communication by you. Once you set up your Alexa Device with the Skill, you are authorizing Members Choice Credit Union to provide information to Alexa Device based on the Alexa Device security settings. For example, the settings on your Alexa Device may allow Alexa Device to retrieve information about your Accounts based on only verbal requests from anyone who uses your Alexa Device, or to save information about your Accounts for easier access. By enabling the Skill on your Alexa Device, you are responsible for how the Skill is used (including any communication between Members Choice Credit Union and your Alexa Device). You are solely responsible for all communications with Members Choice Credit Union using the Skill. For example, it is possible that someone other than you could interact with Members Choice Credit Union using the Skill, or that someone could overhear you interacting with Members Choice  Credit Union using the Skill and learn information about your Accounts. It is also possible that Alexa, the Alexa Device and/or Amazon will record your interactions with the Skill or Alexa. Consult your agreements with Amazon to learn more about how Amazon and your Alexa Device treat those interactions. See Amazon's Privacy Notice and the Alexa Terms of Use.
  • Release of Your Information to Amazon. Your interactions with Members Choice Credit Union using the Skill are subject to the Members Choice Credit Union Privacy Policy. By installing the Skill, you are authorizing Members Choice Credit Union to perform the actions and share with Amazon the information communicated to Members Choice Credit Union or requested from Members Choice Credit Union. We will send that information through Amazon, which will then go through the internet. For example, if you request that Alexa tell you your balance on your Members Choice Credit Union Account, you authorize Members Choice Credit Union to release that information to Amazon.