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Online Banking

Debit/EMV Chip Cards

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Enjoy the convenience and accessibility at ATMs and merchants worldwide with you Members Choice Visa Debit Card. Our Visa Debit Card gives members a chance to earn higher dividends on our Reward Checking & Reward Saver accounts.

Daily Limit

Personal Accounts
Withdrawal of funds from an ATM $600.00
Combined purchases using your PIN or signature $2,000.00


Business Accounts
Withdrawal of funds from an ATM $600.00
Combined purchases using your PIN or signature $5,000.00

If the balance in the account is lower than above, the limit will be the available balance.

Fast & Convenient, it's the easy way to pay

Mobile Wallet

You can now tap to pay confidently in-store and online using your smart phone or wearable device with your Members Choice Credit Union debit card.

Now available in:

  • Apple Pay using compatible Apple devices
  • Google Pay using compatible Android devices
  • Samsung Pay using compatible Samsung devices
  • Microsoft Wallet using compatible Windows phones
  • Garmin Pay using compatible Garmin devices
  • Fitbit Pay using compatible Fitbit devices

Visa Mobile Wallet is:

  • Convenient – experience all the benefits of Visa on your mobile phone or device.
  • Secure – your transactions are always backed by the security of Visa. When you use Visa on your digital devices, Visa Token Service helps you build and maintain your digital payment experiences while protecting your sensitive information from fraud with a unique digital identifier – a “token”.
  • Accepted – look for the Contactless Symbol at checkout.

3 simple steps for adding and using your Members Choice debit card mobile wallet.

  1. Add your Visa card to your payment-enabled mobile phone or device
  2. Look for the Contactless Symbol on the terminal at checkout
  3. Hold your phone or device over the symbol to pay

Access and start paying with your device's Mobile Wallet today!

EMV Chip Cards: Smart & Safe

Smart Chip Technology

The new Members Choice VISA Debit Chip Card is equipped with smart chip technology and is designed to help keep your account secure and provide increased protection against fraud.

Important: If you recently received a new Members Choice Visa Debit Chip Card in the mail, please activate and/or used your new card. If your new card was issued with a new card number, then your new Personal Identification Number (PIN) will arrive separately from the card. Once activated, your card will work as a PIN or credit transaction immediately. As a reminder, please be sure to update your card information with any automatic debits or merchants using your old card number.

We will gladly re-PIN your card to a customized number for you! Simply call 281.398.9900 or visit a branch during our normal business hours. If you have not received your new card, please contact us.

For increased security, you may be required to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) for transactions at smart chip-enabled terminals.

Global Acceptance

Smart chip technology is proven technology that is already in wide use around the world. Shop with confidence anywhere in the world knowing your card will be safe and accepted.

Benefits of the new chip card include:

  • Shop with confidence anywhere in the world knowing your card is globally accepted
  • Reduced risk of fraudulent charges on your account
  • More thorough authentication process for online purchases.



Yes. Just swipe your card’s magnetic stripe, like you would with your old card. Online purchases still work the same way they did with your old card too.


When in doubt, insert your card. If the terminal is not chip-enabled, you will need to swipe your card. Online purchases still work the same way they did with your old card too.


Your new card features an embedded chip that improves security every time you make a purchase at a chip-enabled terminal. The new chip technology creates a unique code for each transaction that is difficult to duplicate, reducing the risk of fraudulent charges on your account.


Yes. Use your chip card at the exact same merchants you do now by inserting the card into card terminals that are chip-enabled or swiping your card at merchant locations that have not yet switched to chip-enabled card terminals. You can also use your card as you did before for online payments, telephone payments and at ATMs.

More questions concerning your EMV Chip Card?

Feel free to contact our member service department and they'll be glad to assist you!

Get a Debit Card Application and apply for your card today!

Click here for important information about traveling with your MCCU Debit Card!


Lost or Stolen Debit Card

VISA Debit Card

281.398.9900 - 9am – 5pm CST
877.703.5024 - 5pm – 9am CST

Visa Debit Security Center: 866.317.9344
(When contacted by Visa to confirm a transaction on your Visa Debit Card.)

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