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Choosing a credit card that fits your needs and your lifestyle is important. Explore all of the credit card choices available to you as a member.

Signature Visa with Bonus Rewards
Bonus Rewards on all purchases. 

Earn better rewards for travel, merchandise, gift cards and even cash with our Signature Visa Card! 

  • Rates as low as 12.25% APR*
  • Earn 2 Points for every dollar on all purchases.
  • Receive 25,000 points for $5,000+ spent in the first 90 days. 

Choice Cash Visa
Earn cash rebate on all purchases.

Great benefit options that you can choose from - the Choice Cash Visa Card is for you!

  • Rates as low as 9.75% APR*
  • No Annual Fee
  • 2% Cash Rebate on grocery purchases, child care, gym memberships, and utilities.
  • Earn 1% Cash Rebate on all other purchases.
  • Introductory bonus! Receive $150 for $1,000+ spent in the first 90 days.

Choice Rate Visa
Low rate option.

The Choice Rate Visa Card is the perfect solution if you want a low-rate option.

  • Rates as low as 8.25% APR*
  • No Annual Fee
  • Low Cost
  • No Frill

* APR = Annual Percentage Rate

Visa Credit Card Solicitation Disclosure

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