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Choice Pay Overdraft Protection

Get additional peace-of-mind with overdraft protection


Get additional peace-of-mind with overdraft protection

If you don’t have enough funds in your checking account, Choice Pay is a service where Members Choice offers to pay your overdrafts up to a $600 limit. There are NO monthly maintenance fees. Only pay for Choice Pay Overdraft Protection when you use it.

When you opt-in and are within the coverage limit, Choice Pay can:

  • Help prevent your debit card transaction from getting declined when paying a bill, buying groceries, etc.
  • Help prevent your ATM cash withdrawal from getting declined
  • Help prevent other fees from bounced checks, or automated bill and mortgage payments not going through

Ask us about linking other Members Choice accounts as overdraft protection too.
An NSF fee indicates that a demand for payment (check, ACH, debit card purchase) cannot be honored due to insufficient funds available in the account being drawn upon. If an account does not have overdraft protection and there are insufficient funds, the payment request will be denied. An NSF fee is charged for each payment request, in addition to the potential for other fees charged by the payment requestor for non-payment.
An overdraft occurs when the available balance of funds in your account is inadequate to cover a check or electronic transaction, but we elect to pay it anyway.

Standard overdraft protection is a service we provide that is similar to a loan, in that Members Choice covers additional payment requests when a checking account’s balance is inadequate. Standard overdraft protection comes with your checking account and provides funds to cover a check or electronic transactions (ACH) up to $600 including fees, when your account balance is inadequate to payment request. Each overdraft request

The overdraft allows you to continue withdrawing money even (up to $600) when the account has no funds in it or has insufficient funds to cover the amount of the withdrawal. These withdrawals come with fees.

Choice Pay Overdraft Protection is the Members Choice service that allows you to opt-in to add overdraft payment to ATM withdrawals and debit card transactions up to the $600 limit. Standard overdraft protection only pays overdrafts from checks and automatic bill pay.
While there are no monthly maintenance fees to authorize us to pay your overdrafts, a fee of $32 will be charged each time we pay an overdraft up to your $600 limit. There is no limit on the total fees we can charge you each month for overdrawing on the account, although generally they will only be charged for each overdraft transaction.


Choice Pay for new personal members will begin after 30 days of membership, and after 60 days of membership for business members. Choice Pay is a service that is provided at Member Choice’s discretion and is subject to approval and may be revoked by MCCU at any time. The Choice Pay limit is $600 (including fees). Member must replenish account and be at a positive balance at least once every 30 days. 

We will charge you an overdraft fee of $32 each time we pay an overdraft. You may incur multiple fees in one day. Once you reach your limit we will not pay any other transactions if you do not have sufficient funds. 

The standard overdraft protection that comes with your account will not apply to ATM transactions or to debit card transactions unless you notify us that you would like to opt in to Choice Pay overdraft protection for such transactions. 

Regardless of your choice to opt-in, Members Choice pays overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any transaction, and in those cases the transaction will be declined. MCCU retains the right to pay or not pay any transaction(s) if you do not have sufficient funds available, if you have not authorized a transaction, if your account is not in good standing, or if you have reached your $600 limit. Each $32 fee is deducted from your total balance. 

If you also have a savings account, Members Choice offers a linked account overdraft protection service with a lower per transaction fee as the overdraft amount is covered by the member’s account instead of being paid by Members Choice. To learn more, ask us about these services or read about them in Provision 6.1 of the MSA part 2.