Good Money Habits - Financial Wellness Assessment

Answer some questions about your spending, saving habits, and your debt level.

Based on your answers, we'll rank your financial health score and offer resources to help you develop good money habits that will lead you toward the life you want to live.

In less than five minutes, you’ll have a personalized plan to start the journey toward your goals.  Are you ready to put it to work? Let's get started!  

This financial assessment evaluates the 8 most important aspects of your relationship with money. 

Consider how you feel about money and learn how to make your finances a source of fulfillment.
Discover if you’re prepared to weather an emergency and how to create a safety net. 
Evaluate your progress toward savings goals and learn what you can do to reach them faster. 
Examine your credit score and borrowing habits to find opportunities to improve. 
Check for cracks in your coverage and prepare to protect your future. 
Take a look at how you spend your money and discover how to improve your budgeting skills. 
List your debts and see how your payments affect your overall financial health. 
Find out if you’re on track to retire and what you can do to pick up the pace. 

This is just the start of your financial journey. Learn more Good Money Habits to help you grow your relationship with money and achieve your goals. 


If not currently a Members Choice member, a $5 deposit is needed to establish membership. All memberships are subject to approval including credit approval.