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Privacy Policy

Member Privacy Policy

We take pride to ensure your personal and account information is protected.

Learn more about how we protect your account (PDF)

Children’s Online Privacy Policy

Keeping member information secure is a top priority. Members Choice Credit Union maintains articles and information on its website that explain the fundamentals of money and savings for our young investors (children). We do not knowingly collect, maintain or use information on children from our website.

Feel free to contact us concerning this policy or our website toll-free at 281.398.9900 or 800.753.2428 or write to us.

Members Choice Credit Union
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Our Mobile App and your Location Data

Our mobile banking app periodically collects, transmits, and uses geolocation information to support features that prevent fraudulent card use and alerts, but only if you expressly authorize collection of such information. You may choose whether geolocation information can be monitored on a continuous basis in the background, only while the app is being used, or not at all. You can change your location permissions at any time in your device settings.