Good Money Habits

Where money becomes the tool that brings you closer to the life you want to live.

When it comes to managing your money it’s normal to have questions and you’ll probably have a lot of them along the way. Here, you'll discover articles, calculators, and virtual coaches to help you brush up on your money skills. Our goal is to help you make good financial choices every day regardless of your financial situation or which life stage you are in. We call this Good Money Habits.

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Build a Budget
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Financial Wellness Assessment

Money is about more than just the numbers in your bank account. Your lifestyle can have a big impact on how you spend and save. Ever wondered how you're actually doing with money? Answer a few questions about your spending habits by taking our financial wellness assessment and we'll give you a score that shows how financially healthy you are. You'll get to see exactly where you're doing well and where you might need some help. Then, we'll send you a customized list of resources to help you craft a money plan that fits your life just right.

We think everyone should be able to learn about money, regardless of their age, background or financial situation. We want to make talking about money easy for everyone, so they can feel confident about their choices. 
Our free resource center is filled with easy-to-understand materials covering everything from saving and budgeting to buying a home, and even resources for kids. We want people of all ages and backgrounds to improve their financial well-being, so they can align their spending with their values – because that's where the good life begins.


Budget and Save

Discover practical strategies for budgeting and saving to achieve your financial goals, one step at a time.

Loans and More

Learn how to navigate borrowing wisely and build strong credit for life's big milestones, like buying a car or owning a home.

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From renting to buying to owning, we’ll teach you how to make smart financial decisions at every stage.

Protect Your Money

Keep your money safe for all of life's surprises with an emergency fund. Learn how this financial cushion protects your cash and provides security when unexpected expenses pop up.

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Start a Business

Learn everything you need to know to start that side hustle you've been thinking about. Discover how to begin your journey into entrepreneurship. We always knew you had it in you!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Banzai is an online platform that offers interactive financial education resources for people of all ages, and this is where our Good Money Habits content comes from. The platform provides a variety of tools, courses, and modules designed to teach important financial concepts such as budgeting, saving, investing, borrowing, and more. 
The short answer is everyone! From students to parents, educators, and local non-profits. The content on Good Money Habits is powered by Banzai, and the diverse content there caters to all ages, fostering individual learning and promoting financial well-being within our community.

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