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Good Money Habits

Mastering Good Credit

Whether you're looking to save on insurance, snag lower credit card rates, or simply want more housing options, understanding your credit score is the first step towards achieving your financial dreams. Ready to unlock the full potential of your credit score? Watch the video and download your PDF guide below today!

Talking to Your Kids about Personal Finances: Helpful Tips

Daily life presents an abundance of opportunities to build kids’ financial capabilities. Read five ways to gently and effectively talk smart money habits with kids – because good financial health should start early.

Protect Yourself From Fraud: Tips To Avoid Phone Scammers

A Phone Scam can occur when a scammer tries to disguise themself as Members Choice Credit Union Employee in an attempt to collect sensitive account information from you. Read tips on how to protect your information and what to do if you suspect you're a victim of fraud.


How to Read a Credit Report

If you don't know how to read a credit report or don’t know your credit score, raise your hand.
First, the good news: you're not alone. According to a recent study from, more than 30% of Americans have no idea what their credit score is. 
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What You Should Know About Tech Support Scams

These days we’re doing more online – working, connecting with family and friends, shopping, and banking. So, if something goes wrong with your device, you want to fix it right away. Scammers are preying on this, offering phony tech support services. Here’s what you should know about tech support scams.

Should I swipe my card or insert the chip when paying? What’s the difference?

How many times have you found yourself at the check-out counter wanting to pay for your purchases with your debit card and not being sure if the system wants you to swipe your card or insert your chip? Knowing the differences between the two can help make your purchasing process easier

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We're here to serve and support you.

Whether you or a family member need extra support with funding purchases, consolidating debt or managing your payments, our team is here to help you with financial resources to support your needs.

Rate Highlights

Deposit & Loan Rates

High-Yield Checking with Members Choice Complete Checking™

$0 to Open – Earn up to
4.07% APY*

Maximum Money Market™ Account

$0 to Open – Earn up to
4.59% APY*

Limited Time Promo Rate CD

8-Month CD 4.90% APY*
14-Month CD 4.90% APY*

 Helping Heroes 12 Month CD

1.00% Increase on current 12 Month CD Rates, Exclusively for Community Heroes1
3.02% APY 12-Month Standard
3.02% APY 12-Month Jumbo

Consumer Loan Rates

New and Pre-Owned Autos
12-36 Months 
As low as 5.69 % APR**
Unsecured Signature Loans
Up to 12 months
As low as 8.99 % APR**
HomePlus Personal Loans
Unsecured, 37-60 Months 
As low as 9.79 % APR**

Mortgage Rates

Rates are issued daily.
Get started with an online estimated rate quote – no credit pull required, or contact a Mortgage Loan Officer at 281.754.1103.
All rates are subject to change at any time without notice. View related rates pages for full disclosures.
*APY – Annual Percentage Yield.
**APR – Annual Percentage Rate. Discounts have been applied to the new auto, pre-owned auto and unsecured Signature loan rates.
1 Limited time savings offer. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Applicable to new Savings Accounts and Certificate of Deposits only. Offer valid for individuals in the following eligible professions and are subject to verification: Medical Professionals such as doctors and nurses, Active-Duty Law Enforcement Officers, Active-Duty Military and Military Veterans, Teaching Profession – Teachers and Administrative Staff. Applicants must select "I qualify as a HERO" in the online application process in order for applicable discounts and savings to apply. You must be a member or eligible for membership to qualify. Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.