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Leadership Team

Working together to help you succeed

We’re people helping people, and our true measure of success is in the positive impact we have on our members, staff, and the community. Putting people before profit is a big part of what makes us different and better.

Meet our Board of Directors

Chairman - Johnny Williams (2024)
Vice Chair - Ed Conner Jr. (2025)
Secretary - Gene Atteberry (2025)
Treasurer - Wilfred Krenek (2025)
Director - Tonya Jordan (2025)
Director - Ron Julun (2026)
Director - Barbara Sheffield (2026)
Advisory Director - Rose James
Advisory Director - Mike Yates
Advisory Director - Willis Braden
Board term end dates shown above

Meet our Executive Leadership Team

President & CEO – Luke Billeri
SVP, Chief Financial Officer – Keith Hrnyak
SVP, Chief Information Officer – Ralph Owens
SVP, Chief Lending & Retail Experience Officer – Marina Rivera
SVP, Chief Marketing Officer – Robin Tooms
SVP, Chief Operations Officer – Bonnie Tucker