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Credit Score Monitoring

 Monitor your credit score and get a free report.

Monitor your credit scores and credit reports to help you watch for key changes, keep track of your financial wellness and monitor for identity theft. Federal law guarantees you access to one free credit report from each of the top three agencies each year. Annual credit report is the only official site to help you obtain your FREE credit report. 

Get Access to Your Credit Report

You can also go directly to each of the top three credit reporting agencies to obtain additional copies of your credit report or to receive your credit score for a fee. Each site also includes helpful steps to assist you resolve any inconsistencies or mistakes on your credit history.

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Improving your credit score is a long-term benefit that saves you money.

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An improved credit score can mean lower interest rates on future credit cards and loans.

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Lower interest rates mean savings in your pocket.

Explore Debt Solution Options to Improve Your Credit Score While Reducing Debt.

Debt Solutions Options for You


If not currently a Members Choice member, a $5 deposit is needed to establish membership. All memberships are subject to approval including credit approval.