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Set Up Direct Deposit

Set up direct deposit to your checking/savings account for a reliable and convenient way to get paid.

Direct deposit of your payroll, social security or other regular payment can be an effective way to help you budget and protect against identity theft, even while you are away. Contact your payor and request to have your payroll check automatically deposited into your Checking/Savings account. Use your account number to complete the process.

Direct Deposit from your employer

Your employer may request this information to set up direct deposit for your regular payroll check:

  • Credit Union Name: Members Choice Credit Union – Houston, TX
  • Type of account: (checking or savings)
  • Routing / ABA number: 313083196
  • Account number: Your checking or savings account number - access by logging in to online banking. Here are the steps to find that number:
    1. Go to
    2. Enter your username and password in Account Logins, then click Login
    3. Once you are in online banking, select the Accounts widget
    4. Select the checking or savings account you would like to use
    5. Select Account Details, then locate the full MICR Account Number (13 digits)
Use MyPay if your direct deposit originates from: 
  • Active Duty Military Service Pay
  • Reserve Military Pay
  • Military Retirement Pay
  • Department of Defenses (DoD) Pay
  • Defense Finance and Accounting Services Pay  
Use Standard Form 1199A or Go Direct if your direct deposit originates from the United States Treasury for:
  • Social Security
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Veterans Affairs Benefits and Insurance Pay
  • Railroad Retirement
  • Civil Service Retirement